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Gothic re-loaded

Flowing Tears is a German Metal band. Their original band name was Flowing Tears And Withered Flowers, which they used on their first two releases, Swansongs and Joy Parade. On Swansongs, Manfred Bersin contributed the male vocals.
With the release of Serpentine two years later, the band would build on the work they did with Jade, adding a slightly more up tempo, less depressing sound. After the release of Serpentine, Stefanie had to leave the band. Her pregnancy was incompatible with the high sights of the band. She is currently working on her solo career. Their current vocalist is Helen Vogt (since 2004). With a sound not too distant from that of Serpentine, and the eerily similar vocal traits of Vogt to that of Duchêne’s, the band released their latest studio album, Razorbliss.
Tragically, on October 20th of 2004, just seven months after the release of “Razorbliss”, two founding members of Flowing tears, Björn Lorson and Christian Zimmer, died in a car accident. (sursa) | aiureli despre nimic | Toate drepturile rezervate | Si stangurile la fel.
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